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The trivia has ended, and the winners of the raffle will be contacted so they can receive their prizes!

The answers to the trivia questions have been posted below.

How many countries have international students come to UW Stout from?

Answer: 47

What island was "Cast Away" filmed on?

Answer: Monuriki

What is the only band that has performed on all 7 continents?

Answer: Metallica

What is BDP’s profile picture on social media?

Answer: Pumpkin/Jack-o-lantern

What was Robin Williams' first starring film role?

Answer: Popeye (1980)

What is the main purpose of the Involvement Center?

Answer: To help student orgs

How many balloons are on the house in "Up"?

Answer: 10,297 - 20,622 are used in the lift off scene, so that’s an acceptable answer too!

Which one of the BDP exec board members is wearing a hat in their staff photo?

Answer: Connor

What song did Lady Gaga get her name from?

Answer: Radio Ga Ga by Queen

What celebrity is in the BDP office window?

Answer: Harry Styles

In the movie "Titanic", what is Jack Dawson's hometown?

Answer: Chippewa Falls, WI

How many active student orgs are at UW Stout?

Answer: 153